A Needle Cushion

20160220_112518With my first little felted creature, I had won a little goody box from Living Felt.  It was very kind of them, and I couldn’t wait to try something.  I’ve seen how other needle felters have a cushion for their needles, so I wanted something similar.  I forgot to take pictures as I went, I was really kind of winging it, so I wasn’t thinking of the plan as I went and stopping to photograph.

I went to the craft store with my mother, who still has yet to use any felt from her order.  We both ordered from Living Felt, me to get me going with some kits, and my mother really wanted to make purses and hat.  Our orders came in and she is off having fun in Florida.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.  But at the craft store we saw some fake plants that were on sale for somewhere around $2.  I grabbed some, as I wanted to rip the plants out, and use it for a project in the future.  I wanted to make cute little succulent felted plants for my sister in law, since she tends to kill all her plants.  I’ll have to pick up another pot now, because I used one for my needle cushion.

It was a nice base, not too heavy so I can move around my house, and not too light to make sure the base stays standing.  I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to decorate it once i built the soil/moss like base, so I added a mushroom.  I will probably change that in the future, as it kind of just hangs there and everyone who sees it is worried it’s going to fall off.  But at least I have something for my needles now, so I can work towards actual projects.


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