Felted Book

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately.  Being a competition groomer, means that I take long trips to these trade shows, and I spend a good portion of the weeks leading up to it, preparing dogs and making sure they are all cleaned and they are packed for the weekend adventure a head of us.  So that makes it a bit hard to finish projects.  It made me think though.  Since I had a good amount of down time between dogs, I had some time to felt, but didn’t take any of my things with me.  So I’m on a seek for a good bag to take things with, and I also came up with an idea for a travel needle cushion.  Oh and in case you were wondering, I took first place in poodles entry.


To start, my brother in law brought back a couple of note pads from his trip to Mexico.  They had this wood covers, and I thought those would be perfect.  They were sturdy enough to keep the book shape and stop anything from bending.  So I took them off the spiral bound they were on and measured out some pre-felted sheets to make sure I knew what my canvas size was going to be.  I later found, I should have left room for the padding for the needles, but I made due.

20160228_140131 20160228_134153


After I made my design, I sewed the back piece on so that it would pocket the wooden covers.  I was nervous about this, because I’ve never sewn before.  But I’m actually pretty proud of how it came out.  I left the inside of the front cover open, because I want to get some magnets to hold the two covers together.

Doing the back, I used the spiral holes to help secure the magnetic clasp that’s going to hold the two covers together.  So I worked the top closed and then made sure the wooden cover was exactly where I wanted it, and I sewed it all in.  I completed all four sides on the back, and decided to take out the padding on this side, because it wouldn’t close right.  I just need to work the clasp now.  I would like to felt in some of the color of the front cover so it matches in pretty well.  But I’ll save that for later.  For now I like where it is, until I have some magnets to get in there, I can’t actually finish it off.

20160319_181316 20160319_151845

I really like it.  Especially since this is my first time work with a 2-d felting project and my first time sewing something together.  I gave it a test today, and my needles made it with me to our destination and back, without needing to constantly pack up.  I can also use the book as a needle cushion, I made sure to add enough padding so I could stick them in there when I took a break or needed to set my needle down.  Now that I’ve kind of adventured with my tools, I think I can start to do the dogs that I’ve been wanting to do.  I’ll need to experiment with wool tops and do a bit more reading for the different types of wool I could use for the coats.  I might play with batting, practice sculpting in shapes and what not.  I also need to order eyes and probably noses for the dogs.  But I need to figure out what’s a good size for those.

20160319_191915 20160319_195911

A bit more research, and I think I’ll have my first dog done.




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