Fall is Approaching

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I think I’ve officially deemed this my night time hobby.  You know, when you’re stuck inside because the sun sets earlier and you can’t go out and play.  So I’ve been dabbling here and there, I usually start after dinner.  Everyone is relaxed, there isn’t much sun left and I don’t really need to be in bed for a few more hours.  So I unpacked my wool, pulled out the needles, and tried some more needle felting.

voltorbMy latest adventure actually is game inspired.  My husband and I do a lot of Pokemon Go! hunts, and since I had the down time, I thought I would continue the Pokemon trend into my needle felting.  I don’t really have the wool to finish my armatures, and I’m not going to make an order until all my competition stuff is paid for.  My competition year is almost to an end, and it was a very successful year.  So once the last payment goes through, I’ll start deciding what my order is going to look like.  I’ve also been doing some reading on wool and types, and I think I finally know what I need to finish the dog armatures.  So I know that is going on my list.

13667929_10102636371108568_3639950726298000514_oSo my first Pokemon inspiration was actually a pokeball.  But my wool color choices were limited, so I had to kind of modify it into the colors I had.  So it ended up turning into a Voltorb. I am also trying to use up my “crappy” labeled wool.  Now that I’ve worked with a few different brands, one does leave a nicer finish than the other.  So you’ll see I’m just using all kind of different batts.

13909193_10102638112977848_4657318935501673729_oCircles, I have found, are pretty easy for me.  And I think I thoroughly enjoyed the detail in this guy.  He gave me a lot of confidence, as everything in this was pretty easy for me.  I think I finished him in 4 hours?  I have to remember to take the times when I’m working so I know if I’m improving or what it is I’m struggling with.  Maybe that’s the groomer in me, but I always like to know how much time something takes me.

Of course, now everyone wants a Pokemon, and I know they sorely underestimate the amount of work these things take and the price of wool.  At least I’m using cheap wool though, so he was pretty cost effective.  The part that took me the most time was smoothing everything out.  Seeing the fuzzies, that’s what bothers me the most.


My next one will have be a more calculated one.  Since I only have certain colors of wool, I’m going to have to figure out what it is I can make.  I have a lot of pink, and some green and blues.   So I’ll start taking inventory and figure out what is next.


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