About The Groomer

My name is Nicole, and I’m a dog groomer.  I usually keep a very busy schedule, but found that I needed a hobby to capture down time, or in times of stress.  I have a lot, a lot, of grooming friends, and from many areas of the world.  One girl showed me that I could strengthen my knowledge in dogs anatomy through other vises, such as needle felting.  So I grabbed a kit from our nearest art store and tried it.

I have an art degree, I use to have a photography business, and I found that grooming and working with dogs was a real passion.  I’ve always loved dogs, even as a little girl, grooming my own Russell Terrier was something I took pleasure in.  So when I got older, and moved in with my now husband, I needed a career change and chose to dabble in grooming.  The vet classes, science studies and readings just came with it.  So naturally, when I saw this girl really taking the time to study dogs, but with a really interesting new twist, I couldn’t resist.

My goal with this is to just document how far I’ve come.  Her felted dogs look almost real, and I would really like to get there.  Like anything else, however, it takes practice and working with your tools.  So, as I play with new tools, new wool, and different methods of getting there, the best way to learn is to write about it.  So I’m going to try and take the time for each project I create, to write about it.  If I have an idea, I would like to include those too.  As an artist, the greatest challenge is learning how your media works, and I plan to do just that.  I also hope that, if anyone else should pick up this hobby, that my findings and experience may help them in the right direction too.  Learning on my own is tough, and I’ve found there are zero felting classes in my area, or even within a couple hours in my area.  So most of my help is coming from YouTube videos, so I’ll try and post any videos that inspire me.  I’ll also try and post the media (or wool types) that I’m using.

I would like you to keep in mind that every artist has it’s own way of going about things, and not every way works for everyone.  The way that works for way, may not work for you.  Or I maybe going about it a more difficult manner that the way you may know.  Please share any inspirations and suggestions, but always keep in mind that not knowing something does not make one worth being made fun of.  This is a place for learning, so I would like to keep the negative comments towards the rest of the internet but here.  Thanks.