pikachuSince  I took a break from Slowpoke, I was thinking that I would do a Jigglypuff, since you know, I’m really good at circles.  But then my mother donated her wool that she wasn’t using (it’s not really a hobby for her), and in that collection was yellow.  It wasn’t really a yellow needed to make my husband his Abra, but I could definitely make a Pikachu!  Besides, that’s more of a mascot for Team Instinct anyways.

So I’m using Living Felt Merino Batt Lemon Peel?  It came in the spring collection color set, and they don’t really tell you whats in there.  But that’s the closest I can match it too.  Butter cup was a close color match as well.

My husband felt my frustration with the Slowpoke, and since he is a gaming expert, he felt he should help.  I think he just felt bad because he played his video games all day long (not that I mind, that’s more felting time), so he wanted to spend some time with me.  So he made an armature for me.  He’s definitely not use to making these, nor does he have any clue as to what to expect once the wool goes on, so there were a few unexpected mishaps I had to kind of adjust to.


Rule #1 to Armatures, don’t make circles.


As you know, I’m really good at circles, at least without armatures.  But I find putting this beautiful shape (that’s not really a shape) into wire, makes it really hard to fill in the middle.  So around and around I went until finally, I just squished it together and told my husband he is never allowed to make circles on an armature again.  He saw the process, he understands now.  So Pikachu is going to be a little larger than we anticipated.


cheeto puff arms with a bit of pipe cleaner to hold them downward

I also learned some new tricks with making shapes stick better.  Add a pipeclean, or fuzzy stick. *laughs* I think my tail turned out really nice!


I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed with the face.  When I put on Pika’s cheek color, it took down the cheeks.  My husband says I’m being to hard on myself, but that’s just who I am.  I have to remember, I’m still really new at this, and everything right now is a learning experience.  I’m also happy my eyes are on the same level, I seem to have trouble putting things on not crooked.  Getting there though!




This took me about 10-11 hours.  Again, I was bad at keeping track of time.  I’ll have to find me an app where I have to clock in and out between project times. I think my next project will be something for the holidays. Maybe pumpkins… do I have any orange?


Inventory: A lot of Pink

slowpokeSo after calculating inventory, I have found out my next Pokemon should be something pink.  I’m not a big pink person, and so I know I will never really use all this wool up.  I won this wool in a contest as part of a goody bag from Living Felt.  You could see my winning design on my first post, as it was my first felting project (still pretty proud of my first one).  So I’m using, I believe (ripped that paper off too fast), Merino felting batt in Tulip.

So I had a couple of choices.  Jigglypuff or Slowpoke.  I already did a circle shape Pokemon, and well lets face it, I’m pretty good at circles.  So I thought I would venture out into a more complicated shape.  Again, I’m using up my cheap “crappy” big store brand wool as a build out and saving my Living Felt core wool for my… more serious projects?  Well, I’m just trying to use up this stuff so it doesn’t take up more space in my wool bin (what I really mean is so I have more room when I order more wool).


So I’m working along, making a few adjustments to positions.  I had a lot of different images to work off of, but everyone voted for the standing position that slowpoke is doing in Pokemon Go!  So that is the one I went with.  I made the legs too long, and had to cut them off.  I’ve made 3 different mouths, but none really worked.  I seem to be having a really hard time with this.  So I’m going to set this one aside and maybe try another Pokemon, and then come back.  I have made the front legs more like what they are suppose to be.  But the face.  The face just makes me angry.  So for now, he remains unfinished.


working that duck face XD


Fall is Approaching

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I think I’ve officially deemed this my night time hobby.  You know, when you’re stuck inside because the sun sets earlier and you can’t go out and play.  So I’ve been dabbling here and there, I usually start after dinner.  Everyone is relaxed, there isn’t much sun left and I don’t really need to be in bed for a few more hours.  So I unpacked my wool, pulled out the needles, and tried some more needle felting.

voltorbMy latest adventure actually is game inspired.  My husband and I do a lot of Pokemon Go! hunts, and since I had the down time, I thought I would continue the Pokemon trend into my needle felting.  I don’t really have the wool to finish my armatures, and I’m not going to make an order until all my competition stuff is paid for.  My competition year is almost to an end, and it was a very successful year.  So once the last payment goes through, I’ll start deciding what my order is going to look like.  I’ve also been doing some reading on wool and types, and I think I finally know what I need to finish the dog armatures.  So I know that is going on my list.

13667929_10102636371108568_3639950726298000514_oSo my first Pokemon inspiration was actually a pokeball.  But my wool color choices were limited, so I had to kind of modify it into the colors I had.  So it ended up turning into a Voltorb. I am also trying to use up my “crappy” labeled wool.  Now that I’ve worked with a few different brands, one does leave a nicer finish than the other.  So you’ll see I’m just using all kind of different batts.

13909193_10102638112977848_4657318935501673729_oCircles, I have found, are pretty easy for me.  And I think I thoroughly enjoyed the detail in this guy.  He gave me a lot of confidence, as everything in this was pretty easy for me.  I think I finished him in 4 hours?  I have to remember to take the times when I’m working so I know if I’m improving or what it is I’m struggling with.  Maybe that’s the groomer in me, but I always like to know how much time something takes me.

Of course, now everyone wants a Pokemon, and I know they sorely underestimate the amount of work these things take and the price of wool.  At least I’m using cheap wool though, so he was pretty cost effective.  The part that took me the most time was smoothing everything out.  Seeing the fuzzies, that’s what bothers me the most.


My next one will have be a more calculated one.  Since I only have certain colors of wool, I’m going to have to figure out what it is I can make.  I have a lot of pink, and some green and blues.   So I’ll start taking inventory and figure out what is next.